How to Choose the Right Walking Shoes: Your Feet Will Thank You

I’ve been buying shoes labelled “walking shoes” off of the shelf from sports and shoe stores for years. I’ve even bought them online. I generally “live in my sneakers” as I like to say. For years I thought I was getting the right shoes for my feet.

That changed when I really started walking with a group of friends for heart healthy fitness. It wasn’t the fact that I started off with walking  4 miles that got to me. I’ve walked that distance, although at a leisurely pace. When I changed to fitness walking, I ended up injuring my foot. When you know how to choose the best shoe for your feet, you’ll avoid injury and recover more quickly. This is a lesson I learned the hard way. What should you avoid? How do you choose a good shoe for walking? Read more ›

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Easy Parchment Paper Pouches for Quick, Flavorful Meals!

Cooking with Parchment Paper, is an easy, convenient, heart healthy way to prepare your meals. You just add your ingredients,  bake it in the oven, and let the steam infuse your meal with moisture and flavor. With only four simple ingredients, this Fiesta Lime Chicken recipe will have you coming back for more.

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When Stress and Grief Sends Your Heart Healthy Lifestyle Packing

Times of extreme stress can throw you off and affect your health. When someone close to you dies, you can feel like your heart was ripped right out of your chest.

The thought of maintaining your heart healthy diet, or any part of your normal activities can go right out of the window.

That’s where I’ve been lately. But as I’m starting to reconnect with others, I’d like to share some tips for taking care of yourself when you just don’t feel you can.

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Heart Healthy and Delicious : Vegetarian Cincinnati Style Chili

What do you envision when you think of chili? A hearty bowl of a tomato, meat and possibly bean stew, seasoned with chili and spices, with crackers on the side? Chili means different things, depending on where you are. This heart healthy Cincinnati style vegetarian chili is delicious and easy to make. What really intrigued me was the addition of unsweetened cocoa to the sauce. Mmmmm. Chocolate! But in chili? Yes, you definitely have to try this recipe!
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New York City Restaurant Menus Warn of High Salt Content

When you order food from New York City restaurants that have 15 or more locations nationwide, you will see a warning symbol on the menu for every item or combination listed that has more than 2300 mg of sodium per serving.

This warning is in the form of a salt shaker that appears on menus, menu boards or near every place that food is listed for you to order.

Finally, an answer to concerns about no sodium information on the menu. New York City is the first in the United States to require warnings about sodium content to be addressed on the restaurant menu.

How Does The New Salt Symbol Help You? Read more ›

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Get Your Cardio Workout from the Comfort of Your Chair


How can you get your cardio workout when you’re injured, can’t get out for your run or walk, or go to the gym? Read more ›

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Enjoy National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds can be good for your heart.

Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds can be good for your heart.

If you love chocolate, this day dedicated to bittersweet chocolate with almonds is just for you 🙂


November 7 is National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day. Now I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Knowing that eating dark chocolate as well as almonds can have heart healthy benefits makes it that much better. Don’t you agree? So how can eating chocolate and almonds be good for your heart? Here’s how. Read more ›

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One Thing That Really Bothers Me About Restaurant Menus…

Where is the sodium on the menu?

Where is the sodium on the menu?

When you go out to eat at various restaurants, you  see nutritional information on the menu to help you make choices according to your dietary preferences and needs. At minimum, menus will usually display the calorie and fat content of a meal. You may even see whether a selection conforms to a particular diet program. All well and good, right? Well what about the sodium content? Where is the sodium on the menu?
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Feeling Lost With Your Weight Loss? You Can Get Back on Track

iStock_000016879295_FullWhen you’re feeling lost or off the track with your weight loss goals, isn’t it hard to know where to start? One of my weight loss accountability partners said to me “As for me, I have not been doing that well at all. I do not have any goals set right now. I am way off. I have to figure something out. Lost right now. ” It sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t have to be. The best thing you can do is start from where you are. Here’s how.
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5 Tips for Weight Control During the Holidays


Oh my, the temptations we face during the holidays from food. They are everywhere: at parties and events, and even our own holiday table. Doesn’t it seem like all of these things push you into blowing the weight control part of your heart healthy program? Don’t despair.

You can still eat that decadent looking cupcake and keep up your weight control over the holidays. Here’s how.

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