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Eat a heart healthy diet. Exercise. Stop smoking. Lose weight. You’ve heard this all before.  Perhaps you are on medication, or prefer to avoid medication altogether. Or you may just want to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

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Develop your positive mindset. Know about factors affecting your heart’s health. You’ll discover reviews and resources to help  support you on your journey.

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I was one of those skinny girls, growing up, who could pile  food on my plate if I wanted to, and not gain weight.  Some years and a couple of child births later and it seems that all I have to do is think about food and I’m gaining weight. While growing up I did eat balanced and healthy meals. My family focused on moderation on your plate, and eating from the various food groups daily. I distinctly remember having stewed prunes sometimes with my breakfast!

My interest in health and well-being led me into psychology and counseling. I was part of a research team through Cornell University Medical College, that tested a behavioral approach to prevent youth from smoking. *

Over the years I’ve seen people close to me diagnosed with heart disease at relatively young ages.  My purpose for Healthy Heart Start is to offer  information and encouragement to those who want to manage their risks for heart disease, and to share experiences in that journey.

*Botvin, G. J., Batson, H. W., Vitale, S. W., Bess, V., Baker, E., & Dusenbury, L.: A psychosocial approach to smoking prevention for urban black youth. Public Health Reports 104 (6), 573-582 (1989)

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