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New York City Restaurant Menus Warn of High Salt Content

When you order food from New York City restaurants that have 15 or more locations nationwide, you will see a warning symbol for every item or combination listed that contains more than 2300 mg of sodium per serving. This warning will be a salt shaker that appears on menus, menu boards or near every place that food is listed for you to order. New York City is the first in the Unites States to require warnings about sodium content to be addressed on the restaurant menu. So how does this help you?

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Enjoy National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

November 7 is National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day. Knowing that eating dark chocolate as well as almonds can have heart healthy benefits makes it that much better. Don’t you agree? So how can eating chocolate and almonds be good for your heart? Here’s how.

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One Thing That Really Bothers Me About Restaurant Menus…

As I look at all of those delicious looking dishes on the menu, and choose from the under 500 or 600 calories portion of the menu, I’m missing out on some very critical information. Where is the sodium content? At minimum, menus will usually display the calorie and fat content of a meal. You may even see whether a selection conforms to a particular diet program. Too much sodium increases your risk for heart disease and stroke. So How do you find the low sodium choices?

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5 Tips for Weight Control During the Holidays

Doesn’t it seem like all of those tempting foods push you into blowing the weight control part of your heart healthy program? Don’t despair. You can still eat that decadent looking cupcake and maintain control over your weight during the holidays. Here’s how.

Staying the Course in your Heart Healthy Journey

  Recently my husband and I had the pleasure of having dinner out with a friend, Bob.* He is senior enough to be my parent yet probably had more energy and stamina than I do. For a man of about