Can Listening to Music Be Good for Your Heart?

Enjoy music!


You may think “Of course listening to music is good for my heart. When I dance to it I’m exercising, right?”  Well, yes, dancing is a form of exercise.

Now researchers have found that listening to music even without exercising can also be good for your heart.

What kind of music works, how long do you listen, and how do you get the best result? Read more ›

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Staying the Course in your Heart Healthy Journey


Recently my husband and I had the pleasure of having dinner out with a friend, Bob.* He is senior enough to be my parent yet probably had more energy and stamina than I do. For a man of about 80, he talked about the people he knew who could barely get around, and then said that he could walk from where we were, (Lower Manhattan,) to the Bronx! The last time I thought I could do something like that I was probably in high school.

Then he revealed that he’d had quintuple bypass surgery a few years ago, with 90% blockage of his arteries and high cholesterol. Bob told us that he is disciplined with his eating. Wow! Here was someone who was still following his eating plan, especially while dining in a restaurant… Read more ›